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  • Shanghai Dekorman floors CO., LTD | Inventory 2013 affect flooring industry ten big news events

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    2014 年 4 月 18 日

    Inventory 2013 affect flooring industry ten big news events

    “This is a the best of times, it is also a the worst of times”, such as the English writer Charles Dickens in this “age” is replaced by “years” to explain the floor of 2013 industry for apt, floor industry competition motivation is unprecedented, this year the market dint of cruel, placid industry situation of undercurrent, filled with countless emotions and anger.

    Intensified in the brand differentiation, survival pressure increasing, small make up take 2013 impact of flooring industry ten big news events, in order to comb through the year development, bearing in mind the trajectory of industry forward.

    Event 1: international timber legality conventions lead to rising prices of raw materials
    The third floor conference held in China in March, the effect caused by raw material scarce timber price “dramatic” attention.The convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) of the convention on April new release control tree species, 246 species of wood wood source legitimacy more strict censorship, is the industry that some illegal sources of wood and products trading was halted, and cases of being punished.
    Annatto highlights “has a price no city” the situation first, wood shortage situation will also spread, domestic numerous floor enterprise also to North America, South America, Africa and other places for timber resources.Rising prices of raw materials, the enterprise production cost increase, the domestic price of real wood floor is a foregone conclusion.

    Event 2: first the Chinese floor industry research report released
    The Chinese floor industry research report, released on March in Shanghai as the first industry of our country floor reflect the panorama of the floor industry comprehensive research report, which covers the Chinese floor industry characteristics, consumption characteristics, market conditions, quality and standardization, etc.
    , followed by the zhejiang issued its first check-up report, aggrandizement wood floor into August, 11 Chinese social responsibility report released forest industry leading enterprises.In September, on the north, 28 provinces and cities, such as sheet according to national standard floor and environmental performance comparison test activities, and released the floor plate and environmental performance comparison test report.
    Industry development and product comparison report on the one hand, to provide the macro data to support the development of the industry, on the other hand, provide data and data support for the consumer the rationality of the choose and buy.

    Event 3: Chinese enterprises win the plywood in China, “double reverse” investigation
    Floor industry seems never to have around the “double reverse”, beauty of the multilayer wood floor production in China by double negative survey lingering not scattered, spring 2013, the plywood to me and officially launched the “double reverse” survey.
    On April 30, because Chinese exports to the United States dumping hardwood plywood and decoration, the Commerce Department for 101 such products of Chinese enterprises at a rate of 22.14% anti-dumping duties;Through ongoing investigations efforts, in November, the United States international trade commission announced, hardwoods, and decorative plywood imports from China to the United States caused substantial damage or threat of related industry, rejected the U.S. department of commerce of the above products the decision of the anti-dumping and countervailing duties.
    Plywood in China in the United States launched a double negative survey at the same time, Turkey, Colombia, India, Argentina and other countries have to survey, restrictions on wooden products, how to make the forest products in the face of trade barriers, improve the ability to resist risk into focus.

    Events. 4: the floor with shenzhou 10 for the first time the “flying”
    On June 11, the shenzhou 10, space 14 astronauts to orbit tiangong 1 target aircraft maintenance, dismantling the original laid the soft ground material, change of new interior floor.
    What kind of floor can fit the weightlessness and complex environment?The personage inside course of study thinks the current technical level, is likely to be used in coking process, namely through physical technology such as microwave and infrared drying was carried out on the floor and anaerobic treatment, and in the case of anaerobic after 470 degrees centigrade high temperature carbonization.
    Space technology development and breakthrough, often can be upgrading of civilian technology, material technology leap, shenzhou 10 give the sky a replacement of the new floor is recognition of the domestic flooring industry technology, tentative new breakthrough will bring China’s flooring industry a new round of technological revolution.

    Event 5: wood floor enterprise or will use the “hierarchy”
    Professional committee of China timber circulation association with wood floor of wood of circulation said in July to complete the first draft of the specification of wooden floor enterprise hierarchy, expected next year.Specifications apply to the wood with bamboo flooring enterprises, standard could be divided into superfine wood floor enterprise, one, two, three, four levels, the premium for the highest level.
    Nine small plait that are building materials, the move is a pointer to the floor enterprise present status of the good and bad are intermingled, the personage inside course of study thinks the specification of the floor enterprise hierarchy of industrial structure adjustment, release or consumer wood floor brand to provide the reference on the choose and buy, but at the same time, it will trigger a new certification.

    Events: 6 gb revision E2 standard or be completely deleted
    September news media, the national standardization management committee will revised national standard GB18580-2001 (interior decoration decorate material, man-made board and its products in the formaldehyde release limit), according to experts “revisions, E2 standard to be deleted, once the draft is passed, the future formaldehyde limited value up to less than or equal to 1.5 / L release.”
    Europe’s highest standards for E1 and E2, E0 is produced in Japan, is the most strict environmental standards, in recent years, the consumers “aldehyde” smell, floor companies is higher than the national standard of floor products, including positive innovation in technology and research and development, such as hunting aldehyde, net aldehyde, E0, ecological and other words frequently appeared in the product promotion, get consumer reception quite a variety of ecological products, more and more environmentally conscious consumers also proposed the market demand for national standard upgrade.

    7: events of lai mattress sunshine HeiBang, candy and other brand’s quality
    General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the administration released on September 5 forest products quality selective examination result, floor of lai mattress sunshine, candy and other well-known brand product sampling inspection is unqualified;Then, first launched in zhejiang province solid mu fu joins a floor board product quality than as a result, nanxun quanta, huzhou always create product is unqualified.
    In addition, the Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision of the floor product spot-check 143 batches, including 16 batches product such as Lin chang unqualified phenomenon.Several well-known brand floor HeiBang, formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed bid, surface wear-resisting degree is not up to standard, cause consumer attention.

    8: listed companies floor layout of forestry resources around the world
    Global wood resources continue to tighten, to ensure healthy operation enterprise, the domestic each big home floor companies listed companies to forest resources, timber resources.
    The IFC, the world bank group members agree to China holding co., LTD. (nature) floor floor to provide $40 million in financing, “the Chinese floor” will use the money to buy industrial mill in southern China;Appropriate China wood June self-raised funds 240 million yuan to buy six forestry companies established in Gabon, acquisition of stake from 75% to 75%, will be appropriate to China by the company have a total of about 350000 hectares of forest land, rich timber resources, increase its self-sufficiency rate of wood company.

    9: events marketing gimmick multifarious floor competition heats up
    Arose in a few years ago a vision of the industry union this year into the heyday, bulk will be, the diversity of offline activities for enterprises to win market, increase sales, on the other hand, greater pressure for survival and development in 2014.
    And online, taobao double tenth tongue a volume of 35 billion for the industry, in addition to prove that the great potential of the Internet, also in the supervision enterprise, don’t throw out the electricity business.Electricity is “invisible, look down upon, look not to understand, to keep up with” four stages, and household building materials industry, especially the flooring industry is still in the way of searching for electricity.
    For the traditional channel is quite perfect floor enterprise, energy for electricity block too much, and for the floor of the new emerging enterprises, are trying to O2O mode, seem to think it more suitable for the floor of the experiential consumption industries, it may have become bigger and stronger?Need time to test and verify.

    Events: 10 forest products export inspection fees from 5 months
    General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine notification of all exports, including forest products, from 5 months of export commodity inspection fee, from specific projects include: the goods and transport inspection quarantine fees, cargo and transport appraisal business expenses, safety monitoring and the special inspection items fee, examination registration and issue a certificate (single), check the audit fee, laboratory testing projects and appraisal fees, and other related fees.
    Since August 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013, during the inspection of all outbound goods, means of transport, container and other legal inspection and quarantine objects from the exit inspection quarantine fees, to provide convenience for the forest products export.
    More than nine network is building materials to bring you the latest news, if you want to know more information, welcome you to visit the nine network are building materials, we will wholeheartedly for your service.