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  • Shanghai Dekorman floors CO., LTD | There are tricks of real wood floor of choose and buy

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    2014 年 4 月 18 日

    There are tricks of real wood floor of choose and buy

    The floor is one of important building materials in home outfit process, full of beautiful things in eyes of floor type on the market at present, the home installs the owners when the choice also tend to have no idea.Sales result shows that: because of real wood floor is natural material, in terms of quality is guaranteed.Because real wood floor is natural lumber processing, only improve e-bank service quality wood floor is different from the compound floor, it has decorative pattern, and the color of the pattern and shape is not the same size.So good how consumers choose and buy to floor?

    The shape and size, see the color and pattern
    Natural materials due to the influence of the external environment, the color and pattern can’t completely the same, slightly off color and texture has certain change, more show guileless, close to nature, give a person the sense with lively.And serious color difference and significant texture change is not allowed.

    Second, the furnish
    Vertical installed along the wood texture extends gradually, generally does not extend between ring in texture.Good quality wood floor is not allowed to have longitudinal crack, mild ring crack within a certain range to allow.

    Third, the knot
    Knot section can be divided into living and dead section.Knot is round ring tree organization closely integrated with the surrounding wood, could not only improve e-bank service quality wood floor not knot.Besides certain knot will look more natural.National standards articulated less than 3 mm in diameter and diameter of less than 2 mm not falls off dead section is allowed.

    Fourth, the bug
    Is bug eat by moth left space.Real wood floor is processed, after the death of moth bug won’t development, but the bug affect beautiful.So quality are not allowed to have a bug.Products are allowed a small amount of less than 1 mm in diameter of worms.
    Five, the flatness
    Two pieces of wood floor surface, can be pressed closely seamless joint, so a change of direction.If the gap is large, the floor is bent, if floor curved knife shaped side bending, laid is difficult to correct, leave not balanced gap, unfavorable use;If the four corners of warp, laid more easily rectified, bending, after laid without trace.

    Six, whether mildew rot
    Wood tissue necrosis, black, thin soft mould erosion intensity is reduced, unfavorable use.