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  • Shanghai Dekorman floors CO., LTD | Building materials professional term Aggrandizement floor is popular

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    2014 年 4 月 18 日

    Building materials professional term Aggrandizement floor is popular

    Decorate for many consumers, is a headache thing, ordinary consumers due to the lack of to decorate experience also has repeatedly had fallen into the “pit”, everybody says decoration is a process of regret, decorate experience, purchasing experience rusty due to the limitation of consumer oneself cannot meet the requirements of too many unknown fields in the process of domestic outfit.

    More than professional term Consumers are difficult to distinguish
    Because the consumer is not a professional buyer, for building materials do not thoroughly understand, at the same time, consumers are not professional “master”, piled up house decorate experience, so I can’t like expertly found in the shoe ark match a pair of Bohemian dress shoes, find a suitable with the floor of the Mediterranean style.

    It is due to the lack of these professional consumers, so living in building materials market, need the self-discipline of the industry, the government’s control and media supervision, to promote the healthy development of the industry!But we’ve seen in recent years all over the country administrative functions for the result of sampling observation of a variety of floor, detection of projects including:, formaldehyde release a quantity of bending strength, dipping detachment performance, surface wear resistance, surface resistance to water vapor, machining accuracy, inside combinative strength, bibulous ply expands rate, agglutination intensity…

    These new professional nouns appear constantly, for industry may be to refine the state standards or industrial standards and enterprise enforcement supervision and regulation of a method, but for consumers, with a smattering of floor itself again to consumers of these new words material selection more difficult.Just hold the essence through the phenomenon, however, according to the correct choice principle, consumers can be a great eye, playing invincible hand all over the world.

    Aggrandizement floor become such a popular choice
    Ground adornment material choice, in terms of nowadays aggrandizement floor is the most mainstream choice, aggrandizement floor because of its high cost performance was welcomed by the consumers.Aggrandizement floor is the biggest advantage of design and color.Because the decorative pattern of aggrandizement floor is through the adornment layer, because the adornment layer are drawn by computer simulations, can create the space is large, and even some generic texture of stone material can also be used, variable degrees of texture and color is very high, so the design and color of laminate flooring and design very much, can satisfy the different personality preferences of different people.

    In addition, small make up think nine are building materials, in addition to the characteristics of design and color, aggrandizement floor price is self-evident, as more and more advanced manufacturing technology, aggrandizement floor now have the look and feel of real wood and foot feeling already is not easy.In addition, aggrandizement floor has a unique in very easy to do.Features such as better hardness aggrandizement floor, makes everyday users, less any late so aggrandizement floor cleaning and maintenance of the same request is not high also.